Aviation technology


Aviation technology

We design, engineer and realize complete fuel installations (such as JetA1, AVGAS, F34) from private planes, transport and passenger aircraft to F16s. Complete with tanks, loading arms, control valves, dry-break couplings, flame arresters, pumps, filters and all other essential components. Naturally fully certified in accordance with BRL-K903/08.

We also supply and maintain Flame Arresters and aerators of the brand Protego.

Van der Heijden Milieu- en Installatietechniek B.V.

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Schouwrooij 24

5281 RE Boxtel

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P.O.Box 390

5280 AJ Boxtel

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Tel: 0411-605060

Fax: 0411-605065

e-mail: info@h-mi.nl

Chamber of commerce. no.: 171.15.878

VAT. no.: NL8087 39 682 B01

IBAN-n..: NL44FVLB0260139645

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